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sunn m'cheaux

                    gullah teacha

"m’Cheaux is the first and so far, only instructor of Gullah at Harvard. He says he’s honored and humbled to be here, but knows he carries the responsibility of sharing the language and history of his people to a broader audience." -The Harvard Gazette

"Teaching Gullah at Harvard - it's an honor and a privilege because of the history that academia has had in Gullah/Geechee communities. We were not welcome in those spaces. A language that was, at one point in time, thought to be undeserving to be spoken in any classroom is being taught in the classrooms of such an esteemed institution of education." -NPR: All Things Considered

"It has been a pleasure to hear your thinking out loud. It is a pleasure. You carry yourself in an extremely powerful way, and I commend you absolutely for sharing what you know, for caring about what you know, and lifting others as you go. It's a beautiful thing... Fascinating. You are fascinating, sir. Thank you." -Jill Scott, J.ILL Podcast

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Tenki s'mach! #WEOUTCHEA

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